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Student Meal Plans FAQs

No, to help us prevent lost and stolen cards being used by others, you can only pay with your own Campus Card.

Yes, you have a weekly balance depending on the plan and you need to use it up on a weekly basis to ensure you are eating. If you need help planning how to make your Meal Plan cover the designated Meals please contact us via

We use this money to fund Meal Plans for students in financial hardship

No, the weeks follow the term time.

Visit the Campus Card portal

Login with your details and click ‘Account History’

If you are in a Catered Room Meal Plans cannot be removed, cancelled or refunded. If you have purchased a Meal Plan online, once it has begun, it cannot be cancelled. We will refund Meal Plans purchased online if you move into a Catered Hall from another type of accommodation.

No, although if you are allocated a Catered Room, it is automatically included in your rent.

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