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Park Eat

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Park Eat is an ideal place to meet for a drink or try a range of delicious food from several distinct zones. We operate in a sustainable and ethical way with plenty of choice and variety for you to choose from to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Food and Drink


Available every morning, our breakfast menu includes traditional cooked breakfast, freshly baked pastries, and a fruit and yogurt bar.

Lunch & Dinner


Enjoy meals from our serveries that are expertly cooked using the freshest ingredients, you will find Italian street food serving pizzas and calzones, Pan Asia serving stir fries and curries, and a range of other options changing on a daily basis.

Grab & Go

We have a range of Grab & Go options freshly prepared each morning, including sandwiches, baguettes, salads, fruit pots, pasta pots, and other deserts.

Late night food

Late night food is available from the kitchen with pizzas being the most popular choice, visit our Park Bar page for more information.

Photo of a kitchen with chefs preparing food

Self-service coffee

Skip the queues and use our Frank the Barista machine! All you need is one of our eco-friendly reusable coffee cups and you can then purchase one of our coffee plans.

Freestyle location

The Sustain It bottle contains a RFID chip that allows you to pre-pay for drinks, choosing from different payment options as outlined below. The bottle is designed to pair up with our Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, offering well over 100 varieties and customisable mixes – the majority being zero and low calorie options.

A close-up photo of Park Bar beer taps

Market Place

Our Market Place at Park sells a range of ethical and sustainable goods including food items, drinks and everyday essentials.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, bring along your containers and use our refillable service with our range of loose foods, including lentils, rice, and pasta.

We also stock a range of Suma items, delivering vegetarian, natural, responsibly sourced products to our community.

Good To Know


Our allergen information is displayed above every servery counter. If you would like more information on allergens, ask our staff. We’re happy to help.

Come on in

We are open to University students and staff.


We are committed to delivering environmentally sustainable activities.

Nathan's eggs

All our eggs are from Nathan, a former student of ours. He is located on Beechwood farm only 13 miles away from the University.

Locally sourced

Most of our meat, veg, fruit and dairy are sourced from the UK.


All of our tea, coffee and bananas are Fairtrade.


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We love all feedback as it helps us improve our services. Please provide as much detail as possible, including where and when, as it really helps us. All our team members will give you their name if requested. Certain staff in some areas may only give you first name and initial for privacy reasons. Feel free to drop us an email , or we have feedback forms on our outlet pages.

Often you can – we serve smaller portions to help prevent food waste and encourage you to ask for more if you feel portions are too small. Exceptions to this are generally items that are sold by the item such as a Burger, a piece of fruit, pre-made sandwich, a Chicken Kiev etcetera or sold by weight or by container size. Our team are happy to advise you.

We definitely do! Please request a face to face meeting letting us know what you want to talk about and we’ll send the most appropriate and senior member of the team to talk to you. We are always happy to work with you to ensure you eat how you want to.

Many of the food items we sell take several hours to cook, and as they don’t come out of a packet, this does mean we run out of certain dishes. Our team use their knowledge of what sells and what doesn’t sell as well to try to get the numbers correct but this doesn’t always work.

All chicken we cook with is Halal and is slaughtered in a humane manner that is approved by the RSPCA. Lamb and Beef are not currently certified as Halal due to local sourcing. Please ask the team for more information on Halal options. Park House and the Dairy are unsuitable for those following an Halal Diet due to cooking methods.

Please ask to speak to a member of our team who’ll be able to help you. We cook from scratch in kitchens handling multiple allergens so there is a risk of cross-contamination so those with severe allergies should ask before eating. If you are on a Clever Cuisine Eating Plan please book a time to see our Head Chef so we can tailor our services to you. You are also welcome to ask our staff to change their gloves or wash their hands before serving you due to your allergies.

Park Eat, Wantage, St. Patrick’s and The Dairy have nut free kitchens that won’t take products that list nuts as an ingredient however, there remains a risk as many products used say they may contain or are produced in areas that handle nuts. Please remember we cannot stop people bringing products that contain nuts into our outlets and that Park Market sells pre-packed and sealed (off-site) items that contain nuts.

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We absolutely love all feedback regardless of what it is as it helps us improve our services.